Pink Purple Rag Quilt

Pink Purple Rag Quilt

This was a another infant rag quilt which I created as a baby shower gift idea. Or it could be a gift idea for new mommies. I chose pink and purple because they do so well at complementing each other. Another feature of this rag quilt is the fabric is 100% cotton, with the exception of the filler in between the layers. Of course the rag quilt effect give the Pink and Purple Cotton Rag Quilt a distinctive appearance which you won’t find in the local stores.

These infant rag quilts are an excellent gift idea (grandparents take note!)

SIZE: 25.5 inches long x 25.5 inches wide

Quilt Images: (click on images to see an up close view of them)

Upper left: This is an overall picture of the top of the rag quilt top. Notice how the rag quilt effect was extended to the outer border.

Upper right: This picture shows a bit of the rag quilt effect along with the same effect as applied to the outer border.

Lower left: This is an extremely close picture of the rag quilt effect at the intersection of 4 different squares.

Lower right: This picture shows the bottom layer of the rag quilt so that you can see the quilting.