Infant Rag Quilt

Infant Rag Quilt

This was a infant rag quilt which I created as a baby shower idea or just as a gift idea for new mommies. I chose fabric colors that complimented the other fabrics instead of a contrasting theme for this infant rag quilt.These infant rag quilts are an excellent gift idea (grandparents take note!)

I crafted this quilt in order to learn the technique of making rag quilts. Rag quilting is quite a change from the rest of the quilts I have on this web site, but the rag quilts are quite distinctive because they are truly one-of-a-kind quilts. This infant rag quilt (or one similar to it) is available for purchase for just $24.95 plus postage.


Upper row, left: An overall view of the infant rag quilt. You can see it better by clicking on the image. All images can be seen in a higher definition by clicking on the image that pops up.

Upper row, right: A closeup of the rag quilting technique used in the infant rag quilt, clicking on the image will show you a better view of the infant rag quilt. Click the image and you will see a super high-definition view of the infant rag quilt.

Lower row, left: An overall shot of the bottom of the infant quilt showing the “Pebbles” (from the television show “The Flintstones“) themed fabric.

Lower row, right: A close up of the seams of the bottom of the infant rag quilt showing not only the quilting seams but the “Pebbles” fabric print as well. You can see the quilting seam here and in the top panel of the quilt.