Erin go Bragh Quilt

Erin go Bragh Quilt

Welcome to the Erin go Bragh quilt page on my quilting web site. Ireland Forever is the English translation for Erin go Bragh. Buy this quilt here because you won’t find one like it on eBay.

Never before and never again will you see a quilt such as this one. Its my exclusive tribute to the Emerald Isle. If green is your favorite color then this rag quilt is the one you’re looking for.

This toddler sized quilt has a fabulous mix of green and texture. You’ll appreciate the rag quilt effect I used on the edges of the fabric squares. The fabric accents for this quilt consist of the following combinations:

  • green & white checkered fabric
  • green with white polka dotted fabric
  • green with white floral fabric
  • white with green floral fabric


Top row, left: The overall shot of the quilt, (click on any of the four of them for a larger view of this toddler rag quilt).

Top row, right: Comparison of the bottom and top design of the quilt.

Bottom row, left: Close up of the rag quilt effect applied to the borders of the fabric squares.

Bottom row, right: Close up of the border of the bottom of the quilt.

(Quilt Dimensions: 43.5″ x 34.0″)