Eden’s Quilt

Edens Quilt

Edens quilt was a companion gift for my daughter’s new baby, Eden Rose. This is the same as I did the Rascally Raccoon Diaper Stacker for. This is an infant sized quilt, a rag quilt to be exact. Rag quilts are an excellent gift idea as you can tell by Edens rag quit. Even though it’s an infant size quilt it will remain as a keepsake for years to come. The work that goes into rag quilts like Edens quilt aren’t that much more than an infant quilt.

Rag quilts are becoming more popular with the gift-giving crowd. People looking for unique baby shower gift ideas are buying infant quilts and rag quilts as well. Edens quilt is an item I gave at a baby shower for her. Think of this site when you need a baby shower gift idea.


Top row, left and right: These are overall shots of Edens quilt, click on either of them for a larger view of this infant rag quilt.

Middle row, left and right: These are close-ups of the fabric showing the rag quilting on the seams. Notice some of the fabric used as accents is the same as I used for the Rascally Raccoon Diaper Stacker I made for her. Clicking on these images of Edens quilt will show you a high resolution view of the rag quilting effect on the edges of the quilting squares. Just contact me for more information.

Bottom row, left: This is the bottom of Edens quilt showing the fabric print and quilting seams.

Bottom row, right: This is a super close view of the rag quilting of Edens Quilt. If you click on this image and then click on it again you will see a very detailed image of the quilt.