Abby’s Quilt

Abby’s Quilt

For Christmas 2014 I made this twin-sized rag quilt for my granddaughter, Abby. Click on the individual images for a much larger view. Abby loves it, she also likes to take it into the living room to snuggle under while she watches television. Perhaps I should name them ‘snuggle quilts’ instead of rag quilts.

In these types of rag quilts you need to concern yourself with the overall layout of the quilt colors to insure you have a consistent design without colors bumping into each other. This process takes sometimes an hour or more to get that ‘just right’ look to it before you start assembling them into the completed rag quilt.


Upper row, left: An overall shot of the rag quilt as good as I could get considering the size of Abbys quilt which is a twin-size quilt. The pictures were taken on a full-size bed so that the ‘sides’ of the quilt could be seen. Some may wonder at the amount of blue in Abbys quilt, it so happens that blue is her favorite color.

Upper row, right: Another overall shot of Abbys quilt but from the right side this time so you can see the colors missing from the image to the left of this one.

Middle row, left: A close up shot of the whimsical monkey print, one of several different fabric print used in this rag quilt which I named Abbys quilt.

Middle row, right: An excellent closeup of the rag quilting technique at an intersection where four different fabrics intersect.

Lower row, left: An even closer view of the rag quilt technique. If you click on this picture you can see a larger view of the rag quilt. Click once more and you will see an even closer view of this intersection of fabrics.

Lower row, right: This image is a closer view of the bottom of the rag quilt so you can see the sewing stitch used to quilt the bottom fabric panels of the rag quilt.


Please remember the colors on your screen are not the same as the actual fabric colors. Read this post FABRIC COLORS to learn more.