Rag Quilts


If you’re looking for rag quilts for sale then you’ve come to the right website. I have a rag quilt for sale that will be the hit of a baby shower because all of my rag quilts are one-of-a-kind.

When I saw a rag quilt for the first time I was fascinated with this unique quilting design. Then when I saw the price for it ($149.95!) I thought it must be quite difficult to create a rag because of the high price tag. After a little investigating on the Internet I found an instructional article which explained the rag quilt technique in the simplest way. It even included pictures of the process!

Rag quilts are a rather unique way of putting a quilt together. Instead of using standard quilting techniques the rag quilt is done by using over-sized flannel panels (as opposed to cotton panels). The panels are then quilted with the desired pattern and sewn together leaving a leading margin of flannel sticking up from the top layer of the rag quilt. Once all of the panels are sewn together the edges protruding from the top layer of the rag quilt are ‘snipped’ using my Fiskars 8.5 Inch Softouch Spring Action Rag Quilter Snip

Once the entire set of panels have been snipped you must wash and dry the quilt in order to achieve the ‘rag quilt’ effect. When I did my first rag quilt (a baby rag quilt) I saw quite a transformation of the quilt after it was washed and dried. Although I have quilt washing instructions posted elsewhere on this web site there are different instructions for washing and drying rag quilts. To insure the proper look for the rag quilts I washed them in cold water using minimum amount of laundry soap, and then dried them about 20 minutes (drier sheets optional). After 20 minutes in the dryer (for twin size beds) I kept running the dryer at 5 minute intervals until the rag quilt was sufficiently dried.