Happy Dreams Baby Quilt

Happy Dreams Quilt

This quilt I named “Happy Dreams Baby Quilt” and is just the right size for the newborn, or as a baby shower gift for the expectant mother. Measuring in at 26 1/2 inches wide by 32 high it is a perfect size for infants. This could be an idea baby quilt or even an infant quilt when you see the size of it posted below.

A little bit about the design of the Happy Dreams Quilt. The patches used to make the quilt top were a combination of square quilting patches and a tumbler design made using my AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter which I purchased through Amazon.com. The blue pieces of fabric where cut with a square die, the blue pieces were cut with a “tumbler” shaped die, and the pink alphabet border was done with a rectangular die.


Top row, left side: This is an over all shot of the Happy Dreams Quilt so you can see the pattern of the individual fabrics.

Top row, right side: This closeup shows several aspects of the Happy Dreams Quilt. First is the variety of colors, the various shapes of the fabrics, the color of the borders. In this picture you can see the pink border with the alphabet print.

Middle row, left: Another close up shot of the various colored fabrics used for the Happy Dreams Quilt.

Middle row, right: This close up of the Happy Dreams Quilt shows not only the fabric colors but the quilting seams as well.

Bottom row, left: Another over all shot of the Happy Dreams Quilt.

Bottom row, right: The corner folded over shows the panel colors used for the bottom of the Happy Dreams Quilt.