Baby Buggy Quilt

Baby Buggy Quilt For Sale

This baby quilt was created using a quilting panel which I purchased at a local fabric store. This particular baby quilt can be used as a regular quilt for the baby or as a quilted wall hanging in the baby’s room or even a nursery area such as is found in day-care settings. Although this wall hanging was already quite attractive I decided to spiff it up a bit by adding some quilting accents to the panel and the backing as well. It was difficult to get the entire quilt into the picture so I centered it pretty much on the baby buggy section of the wall hanging / quilt.

The original design of the wall hanging was to simply put a border around it and mount it on a wall somewhere either framed or unframed. However, I felt it would come out well with some quilting around the various elements of the pattern so that’s what I did with it.

If you click on either of the images above you will be presented with a larger view of each image. The image on the left is of course the top side of the quilt (or wall-hanging) with its baby buggy, toy animals, and other baby toys scattered about. This image shows not only the fabric pattern but the quilting I did on the design. The image on the right is of the bottom (or rear if used as a wall hanging) and it shows the intricate sewing patterns as well as the overall pink and white cloud pattern of the fabric.

(Dimensions: 29.5″ x 26.5″)