Children’s Quilts

Children’s quilts were not the first quilts I began with. I started off making full-size quilts but soon realized the market was pretty well flooded with other quilters doing the same. So I decided to go into creating children’s quilts, infant quilts, and rag quilts. There are rewards to creating children’s quilts, like when they unwrap it when Grandma gives it to them as a a gift. Of course a lot of the children’s quilts I create are ordered by a child’s parents to accent the child’s bedroom.

In the images shown below you can see a few of the children’s quilts I have created. The quilt shown in the upper left corner is named Happy Dreams and is an infant size quilt and a great gift idea for the next baby shower gift you may need.The fold-over shot of the quilt shows the fabric pattern and a good view of the quilting as well. The image on the lower left corner is a good close-up shot of the quilting of the Happy Dreams infant quilt. This shows you the different shapes of the patches I used for this infant quilt as well as a good view of the fabric print of the quilt.

The quilt in the upper and lower right section below is named the Teddy Bear Train and comes with a matching pillow. As you can see, the size of the quilt would be just right for a toddler quilt when you compare it to the door it is hanging next to. The upper right image is an overall shot of the back side of the Teddy Bear Train quilt. As you can see the fabric print is that of Pebbles from the television show “The Flintstones.”

At the bottom of this image display you will find links to the rest of the quilts on this web site.
Pink- and Purple Rag Quilt