Custom Quilting Services

Need Custom Quilts?

I get asked every now and then if I do custom quilting services of any type and my answer is it depends on the item. And the style of it. There are many quilting techniques out there that I just don’t use. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them, it’s just that I don’t use them.

Below I have two galleries for some some custom quilts I did for some local customers. Contact me today if you need more information on my custom quilting services.

Savannah’s Raq Quilt

This is a rag quilt and diaper staker I made for our pastor’s new baby girl. A lot of people ask me what a diaper staker is for, you hang it near your changing table and fill it with clean diapers. When you need a diaper in a hurry they’re right by you. Many people have bought these and wrote back to thank me for making them. Although they’d never heard of a diaper staker before they sure got used to them quick enough.

The rag quilt is different than most I create because of the applique of her name I used. Each letter of her name was sewn on the quilt panels before assembling the rest of the rag quilt. Needless to say everyone loved the rag quilt.

This rag quilt was a special ordered by a woman for her grandson who just loves Paw Patrol from nick jr.