About My Products

About My Products

The products available for purchase from this web site are all made by me. You won’t find any pre-made quilts or eBay items here.

I make everything I sell by “hand” and that needs explained as well. By “hand” means that I create everything I sell on this site. Unlike some sites where you see quilts created by $4,000 computerized sewing machines. Sure, these sewing machines will crank out quilt after quilt. Always using the same design and same pattern though. Where’s the individuality in that? One thing you can be assured of is the items sold here are one of a kind. With the exception being a set of quilts or a set of burp cloths.

It’s true that I use a modern sewing machine to create my products. but it’s not computerized where you just feed it material and it does the rest. These high priced machines are nice. They produce a lot of duplicate products but I like to produce one-of-a-kind items. That way the buyer has an exclusive item that can’t be found anywhere else. Then when they give the item as a gift to a loved one they can be sure the recipient doesn’t already have one.

As far as the materials go, I use mostly cotton. There are some rag quilts that I make using flannel but I have found the cotton quilts are lighter. The batting I use is either polyester or just plain cotton. It all depends on the quilting effect I’m looking to achieve.

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