Rascally Raccoon Diaper Stacker

Rascally Raccoon Diaper Stacker

This adorable Rascally Raccoon Diaper Stacker was made to match the color scheme of the customer’s baby room. This particular diaper stacker has been sold. I wanted to leave the images of the diaper stacker online for others to see. You never can tell when someone else may want something similar to this one. One of the things different about this item is the appliqué on the top piece. The darker red color is almost an exact match of the paint chip the customer sent so I could find an appropriate fabric color for it. Appliqué isn’t used a lot on diaper stackers but is used a bit with other quilted items.

Diaper stackers like this one have begun to show up in baby rooms and baby showers. You don’t seem to find them in department stores these days. Not so much in baby specialty stores either. So this is an excellent idea for that next baby shower you were invited to. If you have a similar request as this customer did for her baby’s room then feel free to contact me about it. I’d be more than happy to work with you on a custom diaper stacker for your baby’s room.

In the section below I made some notes for you about the pictures of the Rascally Raccoon  Diaper Stacker.

Upper row, left: Appliqué of the raccoon on Rascally Raccoon  Diaper Stacker print.

Upper row, right: Close-up of the border accent for the top of the Rascally Raccoon  Diaper Stacker.

Middle row, left: a close-up shot of the stitching of the appliqué.

Middle row, right: An overall shot of the diaper stacker against a white wall.

Lower row, left: One of the other cute animals on the Rascally Raccoon  Diaper Stacker.

Lower row, right: Some of the other animals and birds on the Rascally Raccoon  Diaper Stacker.


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