Just Ducky Diaper Stacker

Just Duckie Diaper Stacker

This Just Duckie Diaper Stacker is a delightful diaper stacker (or pull-up stacker) is just waiting for someone to purchase it as a gift or for a grandchild. View the larger images of the top to see the quilting performed on it. Most commercial diaper stackers don’t have tops on them. Plus tvhey tend to use low grade fabrics and colors that fade quickly. Your child deserves the best quality you can afford.


This latest diaper stacker was named “Just Duckie Diaper Stacker” after the designs on the fabric. Here are some pictures of the completed diaper stacker, which is available for immediate purchase for $29.95 plus $5.95 shipping.


Upper row, left: This is a view of the bottom of the Just Duckie Diaper Stacker. You can see where the diapers are stored.

Upper row, right: A picture of the quilted top and side of the Just Duckie Diaper Stacker.

Middle row, left:This is an over all view of the Just Duckie Diaper Stacker. You can see the vivid colors of the print of the fabric.

Middle row, right: A close up image of the Just Duckie Diaper Stacker. Here you can see the quilted top of the diaper stacker. This is a feature others charge extra for. All of my diaper stackers have quilted tops on them.

Bottom row, left: This is a closer view of the duckie print of the fabric. And the bright, vivid colors too.

Each of these pictures can be viewed at higher resolution. Click on each image, click a second time for hi-resolution.

(Dimensions: 30″ high x 12″ wide x 8″ deep at the bottom)

PRICE: $29.95

Purchase the Just Duckie Diaper Stacker for just $29.95 (plus postage)