A Birdie Diaper Stacker

A Birdie Diaper Stacker

A Birdie Diaper Stacker was a new design for me, it was the first with a quilted top. The top has been quilted for that special look. These make really great baby shower gifts. Or for any other gift idea. It doesn’t matter what diaper: cloth or disposable. Need a baby shower gift idea? Why not a diaper stacker?

This design has birdie fabric print you’ll just love. The colors blend well and it’s machine washable! This design is sold out but there are more diaper stackers for sale here. Use the diaper stacker link located at the top of the screen. Even though A Birdie Diaper Stacker has been sold you can see quality in the images below.

The original design was for cloth diapers but this handmade stacker can handle anything you want to store in it. Including pull-ups This design is found on web sites selling items made from lesser quality fabrics. Made in countries that exist on huge mass production technology. These are cheaply priced. And cheaply made as well. You get what you pay for.

All of the diaper stackers that I make are sewn on my Singer sewing machines and of course some of the work is done by hand. All you need to do to see the inferior quality of these other products is to look at the thickness of the fabric and the sewing. If the sewing is perfectly aligned and exact then you can be assured its a foreign-made product.

(Dimensions: 30″ high x 12″ wide x 8″ deep at the bottom)

This latest diaper stacker was named “A Birdie Diaper Stacker” after the designs on the fabric. Here are some pictures of the completed diaper stacker, which has been sold by the ways.