All-American Boy Quilt

All-American Boy Quilt

The All-American Boy Quilt is a perfect gift idea for that new baby boy! The red, white, and blue color patches are interspersed with pale blue patches. These patches have rocking horses, duckies, sailboats, ABC blocks, and baby rattles on them. This is a perfect baby shower gift idea for the new baby boy in town! Parents and grandparents alike will like the All-American Boy Quilt as a gift idea, even if not for a baby shower.


Upper row, left: Overall shot of the All-American Boy Quilt so you can see the layout of the fabric. All of these images can be viewed at a higher resolution by clicking on them.

Upper row, right: Same view with the exception of the folded corner. This image of the All-American Boy Quilt shows the design and quilting of the rag quilt.

Second row, left: Overall shot of the bottom of the All-American Boy Quilt. This image needs to be viewed at hi-res to see the detail of the quilt bottom.

Second row, right: A view of the quilt top with the quilt bottom folded over top of it.

Third row, left: Detailed image of the rag quilt technique used to create the All-American Boy Quilt.

Third row, right: A very close image of the rag quilt feature of the All-American Boy Quilt. Click image for super high version of the image.

Fourth row, left: Another view of the rag quilt feature, this time with the red and white fabrics.

Fourth row, right: Second version of the red and white fabrics in the rag quilt.

Bottom row, left: Detailed view of the quilt bottom showing the quilting seams contrasting with the fabrics.

Bottom row, right: A corner shot of the All-American Boy Quilt showing the quilting seams.


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