Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Listed below are ideas that make really great gifts ideas for baby showers:


Diaper stackers are great for keeping your diapers (cloth or otherwise) close to your changing table or on the crib if that’s where you change your baby’s diapers. You can always just stack them all over the place and risk having them fall all over. Or you can buy one of these handy diaper stackers to keep everything nice and neat. Custom colors available by request.

Along with diaper stackers there are some burp cloths and even my new Ergo Burps which are burp cloths that will not chafe your neck where burping your baby. This is one of the newest ideas for baby shower gifts to com on the scene. Most people want something memorable as a gift idea. The Ergo Burps are just the thing. At the prices you can afford to buy several at a time. Keep them on hand when others have a baby shower.

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