Rag Quilts Burp Cloths Quilts

If you came here looking for rag quilts for sale then you came to the right place. There was a display of rag quilts in a local sewing supplies store that got me interested in this new concept in sewing quilts. After some studying and practice I began creating rag quilts for sale on this web site.

I also create burp cloths and the new “Ergo Burp Cloths” as I call them. These are very practical and stylish as well. They also make excellent baby shower gift ideas. One look at the Ergo Burps and you will want to buy burp cloths to give as baby shower gifts. Imagine being able to use a burp cloth without it chaffing at your neck.

You will find other styles of quilts for sale here because I love creating quilts for children. Quilts for children, quilts for toddlers, and even infant sized quilts are the ones I prefer to create. Parents, grand parents, and gift givers buy quilts from this web site to give as gifts, to compliment room decors, and sometimes just because they like the quilt design.

At the bottom of the pages on this site you will find several utility pages dealing with how to wash quilts and the issue of colors as they are seen on the Internet and then again in real life. Without replicating all the content from the quilt washing page I invite you to visit this link: how to wash a quilt. The colors you see on your screen may not exactly match what you would see in person. For more information about color discrepancies please use this link: quilt colors.